Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH

Ray Charles Park
When people are making travel plans, they usually do not think of mid-west as their prime destination.  For those people who choose the mid-west for their vacation, they usually select Michigan or Chicago but rarely Cleveland.  Sometimes it’s just so bad when most people are ignoring Cleveland as their destination for vacation when there are a lot of things that this town can offer.
One of the most important reasons why you should choose Cleveland is its lower costs.  Since there are lesser people who are choosing Cleveland for their vacation destination then they can provide you lower costs in hotels and restaurants compared to other prime destinations such as New York City or Chicago.  Residents in Cleveland are very friendly.  They will always great you with a smile and provide you some directions.

People who are visiting Cleveland during the summertime must see to it that they can watch the Cleveland Indians baseball game.  The Tower City district is the best place for shopping when you are in Cleveland.  If you want to discover the history and culture of Cleveland then you can visit their museums such as the Museum of Natural History, the Great Lakes Science Center as well as the Children’s Museum.  The legendary art museum and symphony in Cleveland now have had the modern accompaniments in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The whole family can also spend some nice time at the I-X Indoor Amusement Park.  The Cleveland Botanical Garden is where you can find a glass house that shows two types of ecosystems.
The Arcade is also a nice place to visit.  Here you can see a collection of electric shops such as stamp stores.  If you love to watch plays then visit the Playhouse Square and the Cleveland Play House.
Cleveland is the best destination for families who are planning to have a fun and an affordable vacation.  If you spend your vacation in Cleveland then it will surely be the best vacation that you won’t forget for the rest of your lives.

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