Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon National Park is a very inspiring attraction for everyone, designated as a World Heritage Site, declared as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and one of the Crown Jewels of the National Park System. Anyone who sees this park can get overwhelmed by its enormous size of 1.2 acres.  It has the most distinct combination of geological forms and colors.

Every year, The Grand Canyon National Park has about five million visitors.  Of these visitors, many come to the Grand Canyon during the months of spring, summer and fall because at this time the Canyon’s mild weather will most likely be the safe haven for the summer heat of southern and central Arizona areas. Most of these people park their cars at the South Rim and view this amazing attraction from the seats of their cars.  The accessible area of this park is the South Rim which is open anytime and any day of the year.

There are also some people who will go to the more remote North Rim so that they can see the spectacular Grand Canyon, particularly from mid-May to mid-October.  Although the North Rim is much higher at 8,000 feet above sea level than the South Rim, it is accessible though.  The North Rim road will be covered by heavy snow at this time of the year, but most locals agree that this is the best time because for one the parking is easily available, the views are remarkable and the crowds are minimal.

Below the rim is the Inner Canyon which can only be viewed by river runners, mule riders as well as hikers.  There are many adventures that you can do here such as taking a river trip or riding a mule.  There are several ways that you can reach the canyon.  If you choose to go there by hiking then you should use the South Kaibab Trail wherein you are going to pass a narrow bridge in order to cross the Colorado River.  For most hikers, an overnight hiking is needed so that they can reach the canyon.  If you want to travel by car then you have to pass the South Rim Village using the Navajo Bridge.  An airstrip is no longer possible on the North Rim.  Therefore, you can only reach the North Rim village if you drive all the way around or you can also choose to hike across the canyon.