City of Newport, Rhode Island

City of Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is one of the famous destinations for most tourists because of the breathtaking scenery. Located in Newport County of Rhode Island at the southern tip of Aquidneck Island, City of Newport is bounded by Middleton to the north and the three bodies of water, namely; the Rhode Island Sound at the south, Sakonnet River to the east and Narragansett Bay to the west.
Actually, there are a lot of reasons why you must visit this small and charming city.  There are wonderful restaurants and shops around the city but the best attractions that you can find are thehuge, lavishly designed mansions.
 The Newport Mansions show elegance, detail architecture as well as handcrafted furniture.  Aside from the mansions, the Cliff Walk is another place that you have to visit.  As you walk along this 3.5 mile trail, you can watch the amazing mansions.  While you are there, you can also enjoy the view of Atlantic Ocean and get mesmerized by it. Newport also offers tours of its lavish mansions, museums and several walking tours that expose the Colonial and Gilded Age of appeal of the city.

Aside from admiring the awesome costal sceneries, you also can find detailed architecture, a flourishing waterfront downtown, the unsurpassed hospitality of its people and most of all you should not forget its amazing beaches.  Besides swimming, you can also enjoy walking or have a picnic along the coast.  After spending some time along the Newport coast, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.  It is definitely a great place to spend your afternoon.  The First Beach is also a nice beach where the whole family can enjoy surfing.

Newport is the host of America’s Cup which is the oldest competition for yachting.  You can admire the view of Newport if you sail for a day in a yacht.  If you sail, you can see more exciting sceneries such as the Hammersmith Farm.  You can also get to see the home of Jacqueline Bouvier when she was a child.  This is the home where she got married to John F. Kennedy.

Newport which is also known as the “City by the Sea” has definitely something to offer for everyone.  After visiting Newport, you will soon realize that you want to visit it again and again.  It is because there is magic in its huge mansions and lovely coastline.  By visiting Newport, you can feel that you are in the middle of a fairy tale.  You will love everything about this city and it can make you feel happy.

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