The World's Seven Riskiest Roads

The World's Seven Riskiest Roads

So, this is January, 2015 the first month of the year. Usually this is the month most countries in the world still in hangover mood from the New Years celebration.

As a start, we will published here the first step in your planned travel adventure for this year and as in every trip lets always start in a road. For me road trips is fascinating, amazing and sometimes eerie especially on roads less travelled, but the beauty and sceneries of the country side will always be wanting that in spite of how dangerous and how unchartered this may seem we will always be there to experienced it as it unfold right in our own eyes!

The World's Seven Riskiest Roads by Lindsey Galloway published in Road Trips fits just every aspect of a road trip.

1) The National Road 5, Madagascar
For National Road 5, which runs north-south between the towns of Maroantsetra (pictured here) and Soanierana-Ivongo on the African country’s east coast, “you need to hire both a driver and a mechanic,” said Anders Alm, chief technology officer for WAU, a travel agency that provides regular trips to the area. If you’re “bored of concrete”, he added, this drive – which he called “the worst road in the world” – would be one way to change it up.
With sections of sand, solid rock and even worn-down bridges that drivers must inspect before crossing, the 200km road takes nearly 24 hours to drive. It turns especially treacherous during the rainy season (December to March), when the lack of asphalt or concrete paving leads the road to become impassable in many spots.

The upside? Most of National Road 5 runs along the white sand coastline, providing spectacular views of palm tree forests and the Indian Ocean.

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