The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the Philippines

Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands broadly divided into three main islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Philippines is a Southeast Asian nation geographically located in the western Pacific Ocean. As an archipelago, Philippines has many beaches, caves and other rock formations that attract tourist from around the world, most notably its renown white sand beaches of Boracay Island, and the world famous popular diving spot of Coron Reefs on Busuanga Island, Palawan.

Touropia Touropiahas compiled these 10 best places to visit in the Philippines, as follows;

10) Vigan

A visit to the Crisologo St region of this town is like a step back to colonial times. Horses pull carts along cobblestone streets, and dark-wood mansions flank the sides, as a reminder of the grand life that many enjoyed in this colonial Spanish trading post. At the time, many goods like beeswax and gold were traded to China for exotic Asian items. Today, the main income for this port is tourism, though the splendor from its trading history remains. The town has two hearts, a shopping center in the North, and a business district in the South. Tourists will enjoy the museums that have been created from several mansions, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Mestizo district.

9) Bohol
The huge orange eyes and tiny fingers of the miniscule tarsier serve as the spokesmodel for the island of Bohol. Just a short trip from Cebu, this area is one of the few remaining homes for this tiny primate. The unique geological oddity of the chocolate hills serves as the second draw for the non-divers to the region. The unique mogul-like hills come with a legend of being formed by the rocks thrown by an angry giant. Most of the visitors to this region are, however, here to partake in the breathtaking dive opportunities that the region has to offer. It is the jumping off point for the marine reserves off of Pangalo and Pamlican islands.