Paris Luxury Rentals

Paris Luxury Rentals

2 bedrooms flat, Eiffel Tower District from $940/night
This is the City of Lights just as you imagine it. Here, the Eiffel Tower isn’t a destination to trek to: it rises just outside your apartment window.

2 bedrooms flat, Saint-Germain, Left Bank from $1,600/night
Look in any direction at Elegance and find an element of intrigue—be it a 16th century de Medici cabinet or a gilded bronze table created for Napoleon III.

3 bedrooms flat, Le Marais, Right Bank from $1,920/night
From its palatial views of the Seine to its intricate and tactile details, Boudoir presents Parisian grandeur set in the Marais.

3 bedrooms flat, Latin Quarter, Left Bank from $1,410/night
Tucked into the streets of residential Paris, this expansive apartment presents an ideal showroom space or accommodations for a large group.

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