Hotel Primero Primera Barcelona

Hotel Primero Primera Barcelona

Primero Primera is a family-owned boutique hotel with 30 spacious bedrooms. With its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it offers all the peace and comfort of a private home. Ever since it was built in 1955, the owner’s family has lived on the first floor (the Primer Piso) with their eight children.

In 2011, it was renovated, preserving the ample spaces and fine materials of the original building.

Primero Primera is a hotel where people can find exclusivity, quality and friendly service.

Primero Primera is located in one of the best residential areas of Barcelona, the district of Tres Torres. Just 10 minutes from the city center. This quiet neighborhood is also close to the commercial area on Mandri street and in the SarriĆ” district, where you will find (in addition to the best hospitals and business schools) restaurants, bars and some of the best shops in Barcelona.

 In a city full of life, Primero Primera is an oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Media Contact:
Doctor Carulla, 25
08017 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel. +34 934175600
Fax. +34 934182368
Email: hotel@primeroprimera.com

Visit: https://www.primeroprimera.com