RoamingAround Update Allows Hoteliers to Use Location Based Services without Annoying Guests

RoamingAround Update Allows Hoteliers to Use Location Based Services without Annoying Guests

Boston, Mass., July 26, 2016 - With demand for location and preference-based services growing across world-class resorts, hotels, and destinations, hospitality’s mobile engagement expert RoamingAround set out to improve its popular Location Based Marketing Platform to increase revenues and mobile engagement even further for owners and operators – and do it without annoying guests. In August, the company will reveal RoamingAround Version 2.0 (RA2), a trusted channel that enhances the relationship between guests and brands, builds loyalty, and provides each side with valuable information and opportunities.

RA2 facilitates hotel-to-guest communications based on their physical position in space and time, personal preferences, and behaviors. It will give hoteliers the same metrics many mobile marketing platforms deliver PLUS it will drive real value to guests, establishing even further brand loyalty.

“The applications of having such actionable intelligence about guests’ locations, preferences and behaviors is endless,” said RoamingAround Chief Technology Officer Dr. Michael Arner. “Over the last 17 months we have been enhancing our Location Based Marketing Platform to support hundreds of different use-cases, including Marketing Campaigns, Geo Fences, Wi-Fi Integration, Staff Notifications and Location-Based Ordering to name just a few.”

Take Location Based Ordering for example. Most guests are reluctant to enter the bar in their swimsuit, reluctance to leave their children (or their luggage) unattended, or reluctant to wait in a long queue. They want the ability to order food, beverage, and services without leaving their comfortable position. This is a feature today’s mobile applications require because it increases satisfaction, loyalty and spend. RoamingAround can integrate with a hotel’s point-of-sale solution or provide operators with a pre-integrated mobile POS solution out-of-the-box to make this functionality possible.

“As hoteliers discover new Location Based Marketing uses, the RoamingAround team stands ready and eager to put them into action,’ Dr. Arner said. “With RA2, hoteliers are limited only by their imaginations.”

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