The 17 Best Places to Travel in 2017

Conde Nast Traveler - From Portugal and the Azores to Canada (yes—all of it), these 17 editor-endorsed destinations are the best places to travel this year.

1. Canada
It's the Great White North's 150th birthday, and Canadians have graciously invited us to celebrate. Start by signing up for the free Discovery pass that gives anyone (not just Canadians) free entry into all of its national parks in 2017—we’re eyeing Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan or Point Pelee National Park near Ontario. But Canada’s cities are truly having a moment. Montreal is redefining itself as a food city worth the flight (it's only an hour in the air from NYC). Toronto is taking the Iceland approach and encouraging travelers to extend their layover via AirCanada’s new free up-to-seven-day stay. And the Rocky Mountaineer, a train that winds from Vancouver to Jasper without Wi-Fi, might

2. The American Midwest
If this election season has taught us anything, it’s that there's still so much value in having conversations with our neighbors. This year, we’ll be heading into America’s Midwest to explore cities and towns that rival anything on either coast. Minneapolis said goodbye to Prince, but will honor his memory with a museum opening in his Paisley Park estate. Indianapolis is holding city-wide events to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of native son Kurt Vonnegut; meanwhile, its food and craft beer scenes are exploding—Milktooth is one of Traveler's best restaurants in the world—and it's preparing for the 2018 arrival of the 21c hotel group, which has a way of anointing places bona fide destinations. Speaking of Vonnegut, the renowned author’s heart was never far from the Midwest: “We are America’s Great Lakes people,” he wrote. “Her freshwater people, not an oceanic but a continental people.” —Lilit Marcus

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