The 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018

The 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018

So, you are prepping for a 2018 destination to travel. Or you’re just looking for ways to satisfy our insatiable wanderlust (and ever-growing bucket list) on a dime. Here is an initial guide to that dreamed travel of yours, of course, the most budget-friendly. 
According to the travel experts at CheapAir.com, it can definitely be done. Here, ten of the most budget-friendly destinations for 2018. And they’re not shabby at all.

Here's the list:


Move over, Croatia. Central Europe’s most budget-friendly destination is still its best-kept secret. Bordering the Adriatic Sea across from Italy’s boot heel, Montenegro—with its rugged mountains and coastal churches—lacks the crowds and cost of its popular Game of Thrones and Star Wars filming-location neighbor but comes with similarly gorgeous scenery (aka a win-win) and affordable konoba, the locally owned restaurants serving up delicious kebabs and stuffed cabbage leaves.