Highlander Trekking and Expedition

Highlander Trekking and Expedition

Who are we?

Highlander Trekking and Expedition (P) Ltd. partake in contributing to the world of travelers- capitalizing on Nepal’s sparsely populated tourist havens for over two decades. We help put Nepal on the map soliciting its undeniable beauty. For the last 25 years, Highlander has been a brand name to be reckoned with, catering to travelers from all over the world and striving to provide world-class services. 

Highlander Trekking and Expeditions is synonymous with efficient traveling. We have been working relentlessly for over two decades to create an atmosphere to make you feel at home in even the sub-zero temperatures.

 Marvel at our unique and customized trips and brace your selves for a thrill of a lifetime. Our network in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan create a culminating fusion for adrenaline and adventure.

An added plus is an experienced team of personnel that forms our organic entity. No stone is left unturned to deliver the best services and make your holiday experience a memorable one. 

Highlander believes in authentic traveling experience- an amalgamation of the majestic Himalayas, gushing fierce rivers, spectacular waterfalls, ethnic diversities, and lived experiences of the locals. We will help you to plan and design the best travel experience you have been dreaming of. 

Why Associate with Highlander

Highlander stands for fair and eco-friendly traveling. We take good care of our staff and are definitely a lot more than just a trekking company.

Working condition for staff

Our staff is fully covered with medical insurance.

In order to be able to maintain a highly competent and professional staff, we are paying the salaries on a scale higher than average. 

Eco- friendly

We realize that preserving our nature and environment is most important for the future of our country and the whole world.

Our staff is well advised on environmental issues and will always do their best to reduce damage to the environment to the minimal. We only leave biodegradable garbage behind, even though this means additional incurring costs for us. But since we are looking at the longevity of the tourism sector, we consider this as an investment for our future generation.

Highlander does not use firewood for cooking to preserve the forests. 

We are sponsoring a recycling project in the Kathmandu Valley.

Social work

Well aware of the impact trekking has on the rural areas as well as the established routes, we have committed ourselves to giving back to the communities where we travel.

Highlander is extending its hands to organise free mobile health camps in the remote areas of Nepal and is also working to support community and public schools and provide educational opportunities to children from rural and marginalized backgrounds.

Likewise, Highlander is actively engaged in environmental awareness-raising programs. We also appeal to our friends/guests to join us in the noble cause and support the communities and individuals in need. 

Media Contact:

Thamel, Kathmandu 
PO Box: 10987 
Phone: +977 01 4700563, 4700066 
Fax: +977 1 4701889 

Website: http://www.highlandernepal.com/