Ristorante Bracali

Ristorante Bracali

Opened by Luciano and Manuela Bracali in 1983, it is now run by the Bracali brothers Francesco and Luca.

The restaurant is located in the hamlet of Ghirlanda, just outside Massa Marittima, about 50km north of Grosseto in the heart of the Colline Metallifere (Italian: [kolˈliːne metalˈliːfere], “Metal-bearing Hills”).

Francesco’s cuisine – based on concepts such as lightness, appeal and balance – is for many fans (just to quote one of them): “For him, the ideal line to connect two points is not the straight one but the doodle. He can obviously make simple things – or things that appear to be simple – but it is clear that he is most motivated by elaborated dishes, those built by playing on many ingredients.”

Luca, Francesco’s brother, takes care of the restaurant wine cellar and of the hospitality, always keeping in mind that the Restaurant is a place of wellness where the guest must be at the center of everything.


Francesco Bracali’s real creative world is the Cuisine. This introverted character must thank his brother and family as well as his only desire to pursue a passion consistently and with determination and desire to learn more and more, transforming then his experience over time in precision, self-confidence and attention to the matter and details.
Grown up in the Maremma, Francesco is very tied to the tastes of his homeland. However, he always tries to reinterpret tradition with a constantly evolving original style.
“It’s hard to describe my creativity, but when I put one of my dishes in front of you all makes sense. Some of my dishes were born spontaneously, others took a longer time, but I am more and more interested in the journey; it’s necessary to go on to obtain something. I have always been curious and have always listened to what people had to say.”

The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Open other days for lunch, dinner and holiday eves.
Hours: 13:00-14:30 / 20:00-22:00

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Via di Perolla, 2 - Ghirlanda GR