Sushiyoshi Restaurant Bangkok

Sushiyoshi Restaurant Bangkok

The Story

OMAKASE means “Depending on the chef” or “The chef’s food is provided.”

The novelty of Omakase’s sushi restaurant is that you will be thrilled to guess that each dish that the chef serves, will have something to surprise you. The highlight is that you will eat food made from the freshest and the best ingredients of that season which has been carefully selected and prepared by the selection process from expert chefs.

The Chef

Master Chef Hiroki Nakanoue (The owner of Sushiyoshi restaurant) who has a creative taste and always create new variety of menu. He once said that "He will find the possibility of new sushi recipes from around the world and continue to develop viewpoints and also his attitude including dreams in his career. "Lastly, his dream came to Bangkok".

The guidelines for "Opening a sushi restaurant in abroad" Chef Hiroki said that "With many limitations and the environment will affect to the food that they serve but I feel that this is a value challenge that should be try, I want to develop the restaurant in each branches continuously by spend time two weeks in Japan and another two weeks one country, even though the Michelin Starred is not everything but it is very wonderful for me to get a Michelin Starred from the restaurant in other country !" These are his strongly confidence and his sharply vision.

According to Chef Hiroki's Style, every menu that served always make customers are surprised because Sushiyoshi's menu is under the CoareCreation Omakase style as traditional Edo Sushi combined with Western recipes. All of these are due to the continuing approach and adventure to countries around the world, with an international perspective.


The Dining

Dinner : 12 seats

Tuesday – Sunday

Dinner : 12:00 p.m. - 22:00 p.m.

Nearest parking
W Bangkok (Parking Stamp)

+66(0)82-546-4456 (16:00 - 23:00) Tue. - Sun.
+66(0)95-959-8830 (09:00 - 18:00) Mon. - Fri.

Media Contact:

Located in W Bangkok,
G Floor 106 North Sathorn Road Silom,
Bangrak District Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Call +66 082 546 4456

Website: https://www.sushiyoshibangkok.com/