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Jasmin Tours & Safaris was established more than 23 years ago and is one of the leading tour operators in Iran at the moment. We offer a wide range of services, including all air and ground related services, hotel booking, tours and much more. We take immense pride in our team of dedicated, target-oriented, and like-minded professionals. Having acquired rich academic experience in tourism and hotel management in universities of the UK and Spain, the management of Iran Jasmin Co. constantly endeavors to lead their team towards new and prodigious horizons using the latest technologies to ensure optimum client satisfaction.

We can't wait to introduce you to the beauties of incredible Iran with its ancient civilization, magnificent monuments, dazzling culture, virgin nature, and unforgettable oriental atmosphere. We know how to make your holiday perfect! Iran Jasmin will make up an itinerary suitable just for you, be it a cultural and historical tour, trekking in the mountains, or exploring the nomadic lifestyle. Moreover, Iran Jasmin Co. is one of the few tour operators in Iran that organize scientific tours as well as combined tours of the mysterious Silk Road, gorgeous Central Asia, and the Caucasus.

Jasmin Tours & Safaris strive to find a personal approach to each of our customers. We welcome individual travelers, families, and large groups of tourists. Our team of multilingual guides is geared to provide everything you need during the trip. We have the flexibility and expertise to respond to our customer's needs as they arise, whether it's budget or luxury.
We will be very honored if you choose us to be your host in beautiful Iran!


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Iran, previously known as Persia, is famous for its amazing history and ancient civilization. The Iran of today is a mixture of modernity and traditions, where oriental charm is preserved. It occupies a large territory in the Middle East. Nature of Iran is full of contrasts: here you will encounter lush forests and endless deserts, rocky mountains and vast valleys, the subtropical climate in the Caspian Sea region, and the heat of the Persian Gulf.

The history and culture of Iran are no less amazing. The first thing you shall notice in Iran is the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures. Statistics say that they're only 61% of ethnic Persians in Iran, besides there you will meet Azaris (16%), Kurds (10%), Lurs (6%), Arabs (2%), Baluchis (2%), Turkmens (2%) and others. The remarkable fact is that these people co-exist peacefully with each other. This tradition goes back to the times of Achaemenid Empire (558-330 BC), when religious and cultural tolerance was part of state policy. 
Linguistic diversity in Iran is even more overwhelming! Distinct dialects of the Persian language exist in many cities, like Esfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd. Azeris, Kurds and Arabs use their own languages rather than Persian and there're dialects in their languages, too.

Most people think that Iran is a predominantly Muslim country. However, you will be surprised to find followers of 4 religions living side by side: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. All of them have the same rights, that is: performing their religious rites, having official representatives in the Parliament, schools, cultural associations, and newspapers in the language. Thus, Iran is not just mosques and calls to prayer, but also ancient churches, synagogues, and holy sites for Zoroastrians.   

Usually tourists expect to see only ancient cities, mosque domes and nice little villages in Iran. However, you'll be surprised to see modern Iran. Much has been since the Islamic Revolution of 1979: industry and agriculture developed to a large extent, universities were founded, even the first steps in space were made. The Iranian economy is one of the most flourishing economies in the Middle East (Find out more about business in Iran here). Iranian cities look quite modern with highways connecting different parts of the city, skyscrapers, fancy hotels, and restaurants.

The last stereotype to be broken is women rights in Iran. Iranian laws don't prevent Iranian women from studying (there're more women with degrees than men), working in governmental and private organizations, driving, doing professional sports, playing in orchestras, exhibiting in art galleries, and so on.

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