10 Things to Ask for When Booking a Hotel Room

10 Things to Ask for When Booking a Hotel Room

10 Things to Ask for When Booking a Hotel Room

No one wants you to leave behind their hotel having had a terrible experience. So, most are to be expected to pay attention to real concerns on behalf of their guests. Hotels are an accommodation business, thus, as surely as the sun rises in the east, they have plenty of extra amenities that may well make your stay more comfortable. But ordinarily you the visitor often do not ask about them. Even if you are already booked or have paid for your stay, there are still freebies and privileges left to uncover upon arrival.

1. A Hotel Room with a View?

If a view from the hotel room’s window is important, ask for it. Often it is the reason you booked. So, then make sure to confirm what you have requested. Did not plan it ahead of time? Still, it is worth asking upon checking in. Who knows you might snag a free upgrade?

2. A Quiet Hotel Room?

Not getting a room with a view, you might as well just settle in a quiet room. But if luck is in you, you might as well settle for both! When you are in a hotel, what concerns you more is to have a good night's sleep. So, ask a room away from the elevator or large groups that might make noise. But also, not in a room with a connecting door. Oh, my gosh!

3. About Extra Hotel Amenities?

Extra Hotel Amenities
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Other than spas and saunas, hotels do offer sensible luxuries like airport shuttle runs and/or private cars to make your hotel stay as smooth as possible. So just ask. Although many hotels do not offer the same luxurious amenities, they often compensate for it by partnering with nearby establishments or sister properties offering guests free use of such amenities.

4. Late Hotel Check-Out?

Asking for a late check out right after checking in is one of the most important things to do upon arrival. Ask politely, after all, it is the golden rule! Remember, late checkout is a perk - not an entitlement. Talk up your loyalty to the hotel, and do not be shy to tip the concierge for the favor.

5. Unbiased Hotel Recommendations?

Hotels often have both official and unofficial locally affiliated establishments that they work with. This results in some hotels sending you through their websites to the nearest, overpriced tourist trap. So, remember to also ask the concierge/doorman/waiter for an unbiased recommendation.

6. A Hotel Room Upgrade?

Who does not want a room upgrade - but does not want to pay for it? Results? A stalemate between you and the hotel! The best trick here is, ask discreetly if there is some available with the same pricing level.

7. List of Hidden Hotel Fees?

Upon checking in, ask for some hidden hotel fees! Make sure that you know what to expect in terms of added extras. Do not be shy to ask whether the likes of Wi-Fi, parking, newspapers, breakfast, and in-room entertainment are free. Hidden hotel fees, taxes, and VAT can all add up to an exasperating surprise when paying your bill.

8. About Hotel Rentals?

Need a ride to move around? Many hotels are not so big on advertising their available loaners. Just ask. From bicycles to scooters, golf buggies to trusty umbrellas, hotel rentals are worth finding out about upfront.

9. Anti-Allergy Bedding?

Anti-Allergy bedding
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Remember that hotels are not the same. An average hotel cannot offer you what a top-notch hotel’s “pillow menu,” offers. Pillow menus are now a feature at most business and upmarket hotels. But sure enough, most, if not all, should be able to swap animal down duvets and pillows for synthetic substitutes that tend to be easier on allergies.

10. Extra Clean Linens?

Hotels clean bed linens every day, right? But mind you, chances are the comforters and blankets on the bed might have had more than a few days of other guests’ use! So, do not forget to request a full set of clean linens, from bedsheets to blankets upon check-in. Asking for it will not hurt. Besides, hotels will practically have to do it. Otherwise, who wants a hotel review that a guest was denied a clean spot on his bed.