The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is the symbol of democracy in the country, located near Keystone, South Dakota, USA. Carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills Region, it stands as a symbol of greatness in the country because of its great leaders.  The faces of the four well-known American presidents are depicted in this sculpture. 

It shows their enduring achievements and strong determination. 

Mount Rushmore National Memorial symbolizes democracy and freedom that is why it is considered a national treasure.  This magnificent figure is a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.  These four great presidents have accomplished important contributions to the nation. 

Visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a memory that will last forever.  Visitors of this shrine of democracy have mixed emotions when they go there.  It is truly one of the most inspiring symbols aside from the Statue of Liberty.  The faces of the four U.S. presidents are sculpted in granite by Sculptor Gutzon Borglum.  He makes sure that their faces are detailed perfectly so that it stands as a lifelike anytime.  He began drilling this mountain in 1927 and finished it in 14 years with a cost of $1 million.  But now this epic statue is priceless.

You can visit the Mount Rushmore National Memorial any day since it is always open except during Christmas Day.  Aside from admiring this amazing Shrine of Democracy, visitors can also enjoy different programs and activities.  The Independence Day celebration at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is filled with lots of entertainment, tributes, and educational programs.

In going to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, you will pass the Avenue of Flags which consists of 56 flags representing the states and territories.  This avenue can lead you to the Grandview Terrace.  After walking for about half a mile, you can view this spectacular sculpture.  

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