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About CT



City Travelogue is an informative blog site publishing news, press releases, breaking news, travel products, and travel information for people who love to travel to famous cities in the world. Whether it is for business travels, plain relaxation, sight-seeing activities, visiting historical places of great importance or exploring the wonders of the world and enjoying the famous white sand beaches, City Travelogue will be there for you! 

As much as possible, all articles and products posted on this blog site are meticulously researched from city archives found in various places with top-notch reviews and some are personal experiences by the author. Everybody can interact and can submit comments that are valuable enough to merit healthy discussions among readers. There's no limit here as long as you, our readers/users do not resort to violence, do not create hatred, and intimidate others.

We only publish places, destinations, and sites with historic significance for travel marketers, travelers, and travel professionals to find the right places to unwind and relax during their travels.

City Travelogue does not sell directly on the site, but from time to time we promote and market some products for travelers and earn some commissions from it (that's we survive on the internet), although we refer to you some interesting travel products from our trusted affiliate partners.